About Napcon

The National College of Chest Physicians (India) organized several conferences since it was formed. The first conference of NCCP(I) (then IACD) was hosted in 1960 at New Delhi jointly with the Association of Physicians of India and other specialist organisations. Subsequent annual conferences were also held jointly with the Association of Physicians of India till 1963, in which year the Association sponsored the 8th International Congress on Chest Diseases in New Delhi. The following year, the Association held its fourth annual conference independently at New Delhi to which the President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh was a special invitee and guest of honour. In 1974, it held its annual conference jointly with the Tuberculosis Association of India.

Since 1989, NCCP(I) organised its annual conferences , called NACCON (National Chest Conference). These conferences were very successful and popular and were chaired by the then Presidents of NCCP(I). The Indian Chest Society (ICS) was also hosting its annual national conference, called NCRD (National Congress on Respiratory Diseases). In greater interest of the Pulmonary fraternity of our country, the need to have a united conference of both NCCP(I) and ICS, the two largest national bodies on Pulmonary Medicine was felt. After several positive negotiations and meetings spread over almost 8 years, the President, Secretary and Governing Bodies of both the NCCP (I) and the ICS, evolved a consensus to conduct their joint national conference together. From 1999, the NCCP(I) with ICS is having Joint National Conference on Pulmonary Diseases, called NAPCON. The guidelines for organising NAPCON were finalized to assist the organizers and also to have uniformity in organization and maintain a high academic standard of the scientific programme of NAPCON. NCCP(I) and ICS alternatingly select the venue and organisers of NAPCON each year and a similar turn is followed for selection of Chairperson of the Scientific Committee, which consists of equal number of members from both associations. To promote national integration, each year NAPCON is hosted at a different city and has in turn been organised in the north, south, east and western regions of our country, truly reflecting a pan-Indian character. The NAPCON logo, selected jointly by both associations shows two hands representing both NCCP(I) and ICS working together in harmony.

NAPCON as a joint venture of NCCP (I) and ICS has been a grand success right from the beginning , providing opportunity to every person in the specialty of Pulmonary Medicine to come together under one roof to achieve the maximum scientific benefit. NAPCON has been attended by eminent faculty from the American Thoracic Society (ATS), American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP), European Respiratory Society (ERS), Asia Pacific Society of Respirology (APSR) and other Chest Specialists from abroad and from neighbouring Asian countries. The scientific programmes of NAPCONs are also state-of-the-art and widely acclaimed internationally. Not only Chest Physicians but also Physicians, Critical care specialists, Radiologists, Infectious disease specialists, Microbiologists and Pathologists, Cardiologists and Thoracic Surgeons and learned faculties from other allied specialties are invited to deliver guest lectures or participate in debates, panel discussions, practice changing research and symposia to enrich the diversity and academic content of the scientific programme. The scientific programme covers a plethora of topics on different aspects of respiratory diseases and other allied sciences including critical care, pneumonia, tuberculosis, viral and other respiratory infections, diffuse lung diseases, asthma, COPD, interstitial lung diseases, sleep disorders, cardio-thoracic surgery, lung cancer, bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy and other thoracic interventions, pleural diseases, pulmonary vascular disorders, pediatric pulmonology, respiratory allergy and immunology, environmental and occupational problems, pulmonary imaging, sports medicine and rehabilitation apart from several other topics to constitute a unique academic feast .

Apart from the much-awaited scientific programme, delegates are also given the opportunity to participate in several workshops on a wide variety of topics like pulmonary function tests, imaging, research methods and scientific paper writing, critical care, mechanical ventilation, bronchoscopy and interventional pulmonology, allergy, sleep disorders, interstitial lung diseases, tuberculosis and others to refine their technical knowledge and skills. Satellite symposia and free paper oral and poster presentations add to the academic flavour. The Young budding Chest Physicians and Post-graduates eagerly look forward to the opportunity to present their original research work and more than 700 different abstracts are presented at NAPCON year after year. NAPCON is truly a complete scientific and cultural feast, providing opportunity for many pulmonologists and doctors of other specialties of all ages to meet, interact and have discussion with each other to share their knowledge and experiences to evolve strategies for better management of respiratory diseases .

Right since its inception, NAPCON has grown from strength to strength each year to become one of the largest conferences of Pulmonary diseases in Asia and globally with attendance of nearly 3000 delegates annually. NAPCON is a unique success story in itself, a testimony of unity, strength and cooperation between NCCP(I) and ICS and has evolved into a much sought-after ‘Brand name’ and 'Status symbol' popular amongst the Chest Physicians and Post-Graduates in India and abroad.

NAPCONS FROM 1999 – 2019

1. 1999 Delhi Dr. J. C. Suri
2. 2000 Kanpur Dr. S. K. Katiyar
3. 2001 Mumbai Dr. J. C. Kothari Dr. Rohini Chowgule
4. 2002 Jaipur Dr. T. N. Sharma Dr. N. K. Jain
5. 2003 Coimbatore Dr. T. K. Moinudeen Dr. T. Mohan Kumar
6. 2004 Ahmedabad Dr. Gautam Bhagat Dr. Rajesh Solanki
7. 2005 Kolkata Dr. A. K. Ghosh Dr. A. G. Ghoshal
8. 2006 Nagpur Dr. B. O. Tayade
9. 2007 Chandigarh Dr. S. K. Jindal Dr. Dheeraj Gupta
10. 2008 Lucknow Dr. Rajendra Prasad
10. 2009 Calicutta Dr. C. Ravindran
12. 2010 Jodhpur Dr. P. D. Motiani Dr. K. C. Agarwal
13. 2011 Delhi Dr. V. K. Vijayan Dr. Raj Kumar
14. 2012 Bhubaneshwar Dr. N. K. Gacchayat Dr. Narayan Mishra
15. 2013 Chennai Dr. Vijayalakshmi Thanasekaraan Dr. B. Rajagopalan
16. 2014 Agra Dr. A. S. Sachan Dr. Rakesh Bhargava
Dr. Santosh Kumar
17. 2015 Jaipur Dr. N. K. Jain Dr. Virendra Singh
18. 2016 Mumbai Dr. K. C. Mohanty Dr. Agam Vora
Dr. Nikhil Sarangdhar
19. 2017 Kolkata Dr. A. G. Ghoshal Dr. Dhrubajyoti Roy
Dr. Raja Dhar
20. 2018 Ahmedabad Dr. Rajesh Solanki Dr. Raj Bhagat
Dr. Tushar Patel
21. 2019 Kochi Dr. C. Ravindran Dr. Rajesh Venkat

All the previous twenty-one NAPCONs till date were a grand success, appreciated by members and fellows of both NCCP(I) and ICS, faculty, delegates and post-graduate students, as well as the foreign faculty and delegates. Credit for this success goes to team-work from NCCP(I) and ICS, the Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee for working hard in tandem to ensure fabulous conferences of high repute which are appreciated and acclaimed internationally. We are confident the same spirit will continue, year after year, and we look forward to greater participation as well as better conferences in future.